10年の経験と200人以上のクライアント指導経歴をもつNSコンタルタント ディビッド・ギャンブルによるスカイプでのオンライン個人指導となります。


  • 初回に45分の無料セッションをスカイプにて行います。クライアントが目指すべきゴール、どういった領域のレッスンをしたいか(するべきか)、学習教材について、スケジュールの立て方、他、クライアントがアドバイスしてもらいたい質問に回答します。
  • 20時間コースは2時間のセッションが10回、 40時間コースは2時間のセッションが20回となり、セッションは全て1対1での個人ライブセッションにて指導。
  • 個々に合わせた毎日の学習プランを作成。
  • 指導内容は、(1) Verbal Section (Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction), (2) Integrated Reasoning Section, (3) Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)の3つの分野を全てカバーします。
  • クライアントが問題を抱えているエリアに焦点を当て指導するようにカスタマイズも可能です。
  • テストのセクション毎の質問に対しての傾向対策や攻略の仕方、AWAについてはエッセイのテンプレートを提供します。
  • 語彙力強化の為の学習教材としてオリジナル語彙集とフラッシュカードをプレゼントします。
  • このコースで指導する内容は、 Graduate Management Admission Council Official GMAT Study Guide booksまたはGMAT過去問題集を網羅しています。

GMAT OPTIMIZE 40時間コース 費用 350,000円

GMAT OPTIMIZE 20時間コース 費用 190,000円

GRE OPTIMIZEコース受講者からのフィードバック

◆ Miss H, MBA Candidate INSEAD
I needed to get above a 700 on my GMAT in order to increase my chances of being accepted at my first-choice MBA program, INSEAD. I didn’t have much trouble with the Quantitative sections, but really had difficulty with the Verbal Section. I was scoring in the 640-660 range before studying with David. I took his 20-hour course and was able to score a 740 after two more test attempts.
David is very experienced working with clients targeting US and other international MBA and Master Degree programs. He integrates a lot of humorous stories into his teaching which makes the classes a little less painful which I really liked. He is very focused and committed to helping his clients achieve their score goals and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to efficiently raise their GMAT scores.

◆ Miss Y, MBA candidate MIT Sloan
I studied with David for 40 hours and was able to raise my score from a 680 to a 750. David is one of the best private teachers I have worked with. He has studied for and taken the GMAT test himself and knows the common pitfalls that, particularly Japanese, students tend to fall into. He is highly professional and makes the classes more interesting with stories from his own test-taking and MBA experiences. I routinely recommend him to any of my friends and colleagues for their GMAT and TOEFL instruction.

◆ Mr. M, Senior Manager Panasonic
I am applying for EMBA programs and wanted to score at least in the high 600s on my GMAT exam. I have an engineering background so the math section of the test was no problem. I found it very difficult to raise my scores on the verbal section, however, and choose to study with David. His classes were excellent and the content was both useful and immediately applicable. I studied with David for 40 hours over 3 months and was able to raise my score from 620 to 690 over this period. David has lived in Japan for a long time, speaks Japanese, and really understands how Japanese students think and process information. This knowledge really helps him play to the strengths of and address the weaknesses of his Japanese students.
Thanks so much David-San!


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I'm extremely happy to tell you that I was admitted to Tepper! This morning I received an acceptance email. It's all thanks to you, andI can't express how grateful I'm to you both.

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